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Presentation of the alternative report on the assessment of the RM-EU NAPIAA for the years 2017-2019

Presentation of the alternative report on the assessment of the RM-EU NAPIAA for the years 2017-2019

11 March 2019, Chișinău - In the context of the year 2019, when we celebrate the 5th anniversary of the signing of the Association Agreement - this being the last year of the implementation of the second Association Agenda 2017-2019 - this alternative assessment exercise is of greater relevance, because depending on the content, speed and quality of the achievements by the end of the year, the subsequent agenda of priorities of the RM-EU association will be defined. The statement was made by the state secretary for European Integration, Daniela Morari, on a public event of presentation of the alternative report on assessing the National Action Plan for the Implementation of the RM-EU 2017-2019 Association Agreement (NAPIAA).

The state secretary of MFAEI's participation in this event is a part of the Ministry's efforts to ensure a systematic dialogue with the civil society.

At the event, attended by civil society actors, representatives of the public institutions and of the diplomatic corps accredited in Chișinău, were reviewed quantitative and qualitative assessments regarding the evolutions evidenced on each of the 5 titles of the Association Agreement, and a series of recommendations were formulated.

Daniela Morari expressed appreciations for the efforts made in drafting the presented document and reiterated the importance of the role played by civil society in monitoring the implementation of the Association Agreement. The recommendations made in the report will be useful to the relevant institutions in prioritising the actions to be implemented during the year.

At the same time, there were also presented the main results reflected in the Government’s Report on the implementation of the Moldova-EU Association Agreement for 2018, published by MFAEI in January, differences being remarked in the methodology of the evaluation of actions.

Also in the context of the event, recalling upon the symbolic connotation of the 5th anniversary of the signing of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement and the 10 years since the launch of the Eastern Partnership, Daniela Morari invited civil society to a more active involvement and cooperation with public institutions in citizens' information activities on the significance, implementation process and prospects of the Association Agreement and the Eastern Partnership.

Note: The alternative report was elaborated within the framework of the IPRE Project "Monitoring the Implementation of the RM-EU Association Agreement", with the support of Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS).