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The Diplomatic Institute of the MFAEI began its activity by launching its first course of studies

The Diplomatic Institute of the MFAEI began its activity by launching its first course of studies

4 March 2019, Chișinău - The basic task of the National Diplomatic Institute is to provide a highly-skilled staff both for the diplomatic service, but also other authorities of the central public administration, who will promote at a high professional level the national interests of the Republic of Moldova in its relations with the development partners, at international specialised forums, etc. The statement was made by Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Tudor Ulianovschi, during the ceremony launching of the first educational course of the Diplomatic Institute.

Minister Tudor Ulianovschi mentioned that the need to open such an institution for educating diplomatic staff was dictated both by the geopolitical developments in the world and the region, but also by the prospects for the promotion by the authorities of the Republic of Moldova of a pro-active policy in various regions, international organisations, developing active partnerships with different states.   

In the context, the head of the Moldovan diplomacy highlighted that the deepening of the diplomatic relations with countries from various regions of the world, the opening of new diplomatic missions, including four new embassies this year, needed well-trained professional staff in all sectors. "5-10 years ago, we could not imagine the existence of a Moldovan Diplomatic Institute - exactly one year ago, the opening of the institution was just an idea. Today, the Diplomatic Institute opens its doors for the first students, diplomats of MFAEI. This common success represents the best proof of our team’s capacities to set our priorities and achieve tangible results", Minister Tudor Ulianovschi stated.

According to the director of the Diplomatic Institute, Victor Țvircun, the main objective of the institution is to professionally train the beginner employees of all MFAEI departments in areas of interest like the international law, theory and practice of diplomatic negotiations, etiquette and protocol, security issues, diplomatic and consular correspondence, European integration, objectives of the Moldovan diplomacy and regional cooperation, with special emphasis put on the practical implementation of the knowledge gained.   

To meet the need of high quality training, the courses will be focused on interactive and practical sessions, having as trainers the diplomats from MFAEI, but also foreign diplomats, university professors and other highly-qualified experts, providing the benefit of a wide range of opinions and approaches. The courses are also set to improve the analytical and expertise abilities of the new generation of Moldovan diplomats. The training programme will be held on the period between 4th of March and the 3rd of April 2019.

The Diplomatic Institute of MFAEI was set up based on the decision of the Government of the Republic of Moldova from 11 July 2018 and works under the institution’s regulation, approved by the cabinet. The institution is led by a director appointed and recalled from office by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration.