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Minister Tudor Ulianovschi signed the Linguistic Pact between Republic of Moldova and International Organization of the Francophonie

Minister Tudor Ulianovschi signed the Linguistic Pact between Republic of Moldova and International Organization of the Francophonie

October 8, Erevan – Linguistic Pact between Republic of Moldova and the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF) was signed today by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova, Tudor Ulianovschi and Secretary-General of the OIF, Michaëlle Jean. The event was organized on the margins of the International Summit of the Francophonie.

In his statement during the signature ceremony, Minister Tudor Ulianovschi stressed that linguistic diversity is a value in the Republic of Moldova and the promotion of policies aimed at plurilingualism contribute to a quality education and represent a considerable asset for professional integration, access to skills exchanges with actors from the Francophone community through the implementation of cooperation projects in priority areas for the modernization of our country.

OIF Secretary-General, Michaëlle Jean, highly appreciated Republic of Moldova’s active role in the promotion of francophone values, welcoming the signature of the Pact as a unique opportunity to boost our dialogue with actors of the Francophonie and thus to strengthen the position of our country on the international arena.

The Linguistic Pact provides for Moldovan-Francophone cooperation in projects aimed at strengthening French language teaching and learning in primary, secondary and university education, through an approach aimed at professional orientation, as well as cultural cooperation and promotion of Moldovan cultural industries on the Francophone arena, broadcasting of literary works and French cinema in the Republic of Moldova, appearance of French-speaking media in the Moldovan media space.

The document also aims at promoting French language on the international stage by strengthening the linguistic skills of Moldovan civil servants and diplomats. The visibility of the Francophonie will also be included in the development of tourism policies designed to attract to Moldova visitors from French-speaking countries.

In order to implement the provisions of the Linguistic Pact, Moldovan authorities are developing an action plan that will translate into concrete projects the objectives of the document, which will be implemented in over the next 4 years with the involvement of national and international actors.