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Tudor Ulianovschi:” Republic of Moldova is interested in boosting the strategic dialogue with the United States of America”

Tudor Ulianovschi:” Republic of Moldova is interested in boosting the strategic dialogue with the United States of America”

April 4th, Chişinău – The qualitative advancement of the Moldovan-American dialogue has contributed to the carrying out of more strategic programs of Moldova’s development in different sectors, implementation of the goals assumed within various organizations and international agreements. Foreign Affairs and European Integration Minister Tudor Ulianovschi made statements to this affect at a meeting with congressman, member of the House of Representatives’ Committee on Oversight and Government Reform William Hurd.    

Minister Tudor Ulianovschi evoked the national authorities’ interest in boosting the strategic dialogue Moldova – USA, including by fostering the joint working groups. The Moldovan diplomacy head said that this would allow further carrying out strategic programs for Moldova, dealing with the implementation of reforms in the fields of economy, energy, justice, financial and banking sector, infrastructure, etc.       

“Due to the assistance provided by the U.S. Government through diverse bilateral projects, in particular, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Moldova’s citizens felt the changes for the better in the social and economic life. We are sure that the new USAID program, worth 11.2 million dollars, launched for structural reforms in Moldova on 30 January 2018, will contribute, in continuation, to the country’s sustainable development, improvement of the living standards and well-being of the citizens,” the foreign affairs minister said.

Minister of Foreign Affairs also reiterated the appreciations for the support provided to Moldova by the U.S. Congress through deciding the backing for the territorial integrity, sovereignty and European integration of Moldova.  

Congressman William Hurd highlighted the importance of strengthening Moldova’s capacities through counteracting the influence of external factors, taking into account the challenges to security in the Eastern Europe. The American official also emphasized the efforts of the Moldovan authorities in the process of consolidating the economic policies and settling the vulnerabilities of the banking system. William Hurd stressed the appreciations of the IMF mission for the progress made in restoring the financial system.   

At the end of the discussion, the sides assessed the main directions of development of the political dialogue between Moldova and the United States, including between the legislative bodies.