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Moldovan-Estonian political consultations took place in Chişinău

Moldovan-Estonian political consultations took place in Chişinău
April 3rd, Chişinău - Extension of Moldovan-Estonian bilateral relations as well as within various international organizations and forums was discussed in Chişinău during the political consultations led by State Secretaries, Tatiana Molcean and Daniela Morari from Moldovan side, and Undersecretary of Political Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia, Paul Teesalu.

The interlocutors addressed issues related to the political dialogue on both, bilateral and multilateral level, economic cooperation, the European agenda of the Republic of Moldova, as well as the regional security challenges.

Particularly, the efforts of the Moldovan authorities in the implementation of the Association Agreement, as well as the cooperation priorities of the Republic of Moldova with the European Union have been discussed. The officials also pointed out the necessity to sustain the capacity of the civil society to assist the implementation of the provisions of the Agreement, as well as the importance of the priorities agreed in the Eastern Partnership by 2020.

Moldovan officials expressed gratitude to the Estonian Government for keeping the Republic of Moldova as a priority country in the Development Cooperation Assistance Program, as example given the 33 bilateral projects implemented in our country with the support of the Government from Tallinn. For the current year, the amount of financing of bilateral projects for the Republic of Moldova, for the fourth year already, is maintained at the value of 950 thousand Euro and in April the Commission of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is going to approve the technical assistance projects for 2018-2019 years.

In this context, it was welcomed the initiation in the Republic of Moldova, the pilot project on strategic communication jointly with the Center for Eastern Partnership, with the prospect of its expansion in the next years.

Paul Teesalu reconfirmed all the support provided by the Estonian Government for the Republic of Moldova, including the support within Development Cooperation Program, as well as the bilateral projects implemented on strengthening institutional capacities and those with a direct impact on the citizens of our country. “Estonia is interested in both, expanding bilateral relations with the Republic of Moldova in all areas, and supporting the Chişinău authorities in all the country's reform projects, implementing the Association Agreement with the EU and priorities within the Eastern Partnership”, emphasized the Estonian official.