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The Permanent Mission co-hosted an event ”the Road from TB to UHC towards reaching the SDGs by 2030: Financing to Deliver Commitments”

January 28, 2019, Geneva - The Mission of the Republic of Moldova to Geneva hosted, together with the Missions of Canada and Kazakhstan and the Stop TB Partnership, a briefing for permanent representatives and the delegations participating in the WHO Executive Board regarding the global commitment to fund the elimination of tuberculosis and achieve SDGs agreed through Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

The event, which took place at the UN Office headquarters in Geneva, was opened by Michael Moller, Director of the UN Office in Geneva, and gathered the main actors in global health - Lucica Ditiu, Executive Director of Stop TB Partnership, Peter Sands, Executive Director Global Fund, Naoko Yamamoto, WHO Deputy Director General, Teresa Kasaeva, Director of WHO Global Program on Tuberculosis, Bjorn Lomborg, Executive Director Copenhagen Consensus, Ilona Kickbusch, President of the UHC2030 Initiative.

The guests spoke of the need to step up the efforts to eradicate tuberculosis (TB) - the most infectious disease with the highest mortality rate globally – pointing out that its eradication is only possible through strong political will and well-coordinated efforts at global, regional and national levels. They have pointed out that combating TB requires an ”whole of government/whole of society” approach, in addition to the measures related to the health system. Referring to funding for tuberculosis eradication, participants have shown with concrete figures that investing in tuberculosis eradication is one of the investments with highest rates of return as each dollar generates a societal value equivalent to $ 43.

Ambassador Oxana Domenti, as co-sponsor of the event, highlighted the importance of the Political Declaration on ending Tuberculosis (TB), which was endorsed by world leaders at the New York High Level Meeting in September 2018. Above all formal commitments, the ambassador highlighted the need to concentrate efforts on achieving the agreed global targets, each state taking responsibility for its fair share. At the same time, the Ambassador presented the experience of the Republic of Moldova in the implementation of the National Program for Combating Tuberculosis, highlighting the current reforms regarding the new service delivery model, the improved access to new diagnostics and treatment, as well as the efforts to improve allocative efficiency and health financing.

In the context of a strong political commitment from world leaders, the Moldovan diplomat pointed to the need for continued funding in order to ensure universal access to diagnostics and innovative treatments. In the same context, it was talked about the usefulness of international procurement mechanisms for medications such as, the Global Drug Facility, mentioned in the Political Declaration.