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Corina Cojocaru:”Republic of Moldova promotes women empowerment in trade policies and public procurement”

25 June, Geneva – Promoting gender equality in public procurement and active participation of women in economic activities, especially in small and medium enterprises, constitutes one of the main objectives of the authorities of the Republic of Moldova. The declaration was made by the representative of the Republic of Moldova to the World Trade Organization, Corina Cojocaru, during the first workshop dedicated to gender equality and participation of women entrepreneurs in public procurement, organized by our country at the World Trade Organization.

WTO Director-General R. Azevêdo, ITC Executive Director A. Gonzalez, EBRD Deputy Director-General N. Seiler have participated at the opening of the event.

“By adopting efficient, transparent and non-discriminatory policies aimed at facilitating the participation of economic agents, particularly small and medium enterprises led by women in public procurement at the national and international level, the Government of the Republic of Moldova is looking to create new jobs, promote social inclusion and the distribution of trade benefits to all economic agents, regardless of gender, ethnicity and nationality”, mentioned Corina Cojocaru.

According to the national representative to the WTO, following Republic of Moldova’s accession to the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement in July 2016, our country has undertaken the commitment to develop a transparent and predictable public procurement system, in line with the international regulations provided by the WTO and the EU. In this regard, the State Secretary from the Ministry of Finance, Viorica Pricop, participating at the event in Geneva, has presented the recent reforms adopted by our country in order to harmonize the legal framework in public procurement to the acquis communautaire and the WTO international framework.

During the session dedicated to the participation of the private sector, Executive Director of the European Business Association, Mariana Rufa, has underlined the main challenges and obstacles that hinder the participation of women in entrepreneurial activities in Republic of Moldova, such as access to finance, regulatory barriers, access to information and education in business management, social services infrastructure and development of small and medium enterprises.

The workshop organized by the Republic of Moldova following the adoption of the Buenos Aires Ministerial Declaration on Trade and Women Economic Empowerment in December 2017, was also attended by representatives of the private sector and international companies based in Switzerland, South Korea, Republic of Moldova, Chile, Kenya, Ireland, Iceland, as well as experts from international organizations.

At the end of the event, the Mission of the Republic of Moldova in Geneva has offered a wine and traditional pastries tasting for the international community attending the workshop.