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Ambassador Tudor Ulianovschi presents the annual report of his activity as President of the WTO Committee on Balance of Payments Restrictions

On the 6th of November 2017, at the World Trade Organization, Ambassador Tudor Ulianovschi has presented the annual report in his capacity as President of the Committee on Balance of Payments Restrictions. During the year 2017, Ambassador Ulianovschi has lead and successfully concluded a series of consultations and negotiations with Ecuador, following the temporary import surcharges adopted for balance-of-payments reasons. The consultations began in 2015, while Ecuador’s notification about the elimination of the additional taxes, applied in an exceptional situation and which are generally not accepted within the global trade system, was presented in June 2017, following the intensification of the negotiations process under Ambassador Ulianovschi’s leadership.

The annual report has presented the results of the 3 official meetings of the Committee on Balance of Payments Restrictions of the WTO, that dealt with Ecuador’s situation, as well as the bilateral consultations between the Members of the WTO and other international organizations, including the International Monetary Fund. Members have welcomed the efforts undertaken by Ambassador Ulianovschi in solving the situation created in Ecuador. The report has been presented for approval to the General Council, according to the Procedures for Annual Overview of the activities of the WTO subsidiary bodies.