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Ambassador Tudor Ulianovschi joins the International Gender Champions Network

On the 2nd of November, Ambassador Tudor Ulianovschi has joined the International Gender Champions Network – an international initiative to promote gender equality. The platform gathers ambassadors, directors of international organizations, international servants, as well as representatives of the private and non-governmental sector, who have committed to contribute, through their personal leadership and collective actions, to the promotion of the rights of women and the elimination of obstacles that limit their participation in various areas of our societies.

In line with the undertaken pledges, Ambassador Tudor Ulianovschi has stressed the fact that gender equality and women empowerment is a priority in Moldova's national and foreign policies. The authorities are responsible for creating conditions where every man and woman can realize their full potential in both personal and career lives. The future and the prosperity of our societies depends on how well we address the obstacles women face in their daily lives today.

We invite you to consult the official website of the International Gender Champions campaign in order to find more about various commitments aimed at promoting gender equality: http://genderchampions.com/champions/tudor-ulianovschi