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The Permanent Mission of the Republic of Moldova in Geneva participates at the “UN Open Day”

On the 7th of October 2017, the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Moldova has participated at the UN Open Day, organized by the Office of the United Nations in Geneva. Around 14,000 people had the privilege to visit the Palace of Nations before its renovation which will start in November 2017.

The Republic of Moldova has presented a stand together with three other Member States of the GUAM Organization for Democracy and Development – Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine. This regional initiative aims at consolidating the political partnership and strengthening the cooperation between these countries in various areas at the international level, as well as in their bilateral relations.

Moldova’s stand has promoted the traditions and customs of our country, with a special emphasis on wine tourism. The Permanent Mission in Geneva has offered informational materials and touristic guides to the participants, as well as the occasion to taste Moldovan wines. The stand has generated a high interest among visitors, offering the opportunity to learn more about Moldovan history, culture and traditions.