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Ambassador Tudor Ulianovschi has included the Republic of Moldova in the group of states promoting regulation of electronic commerce at the international level

Permanent Representative of the Republic of Moldova to the UNOG and WTO, Ambassador Tudor Ulianovschi presented the electronic governance reform undertaken by the Republic of Moldova and its impact on electronic commerce at the informal dialogue of the Group of “Friends of E-Commerce for Development”, recently created in the World Trade Organization, which Moldova has joined as a full-pledged Member in June 2001.

The session dedicated to the regulation of electronic commerce was opened by the Director General of the WTO, Mr. Roberto Azevêdo, with the participation of the Secretary General of the International Telecommunications Union, Mr. Houlin Zhao and the Executive Director of the International Trade Center, Mrs. Arancha Gonzalez.

Following the official opening of the session organized by the Friends of E-Commerce for Development, Permanent Representatives to the WTO of the Republic of Moldova, Mexico and Costa Rica have been invited to present the national regulations of the electronic governance sector implemented in the Member States they are representing, with a view of sharing best practices for the introduction of new disciplines in electronic commerce services at the international level.

The main objective of the event was raising awareness among the 164 Member States of the WTO regarding the advantages of electronic commerce regulation within the multilateral trade system with a view of reaching consensus for a Ministerial Decision to be adopted in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during the period 9-15 December 2017.

Plurilateral consultations with WTO Member States in order to obtain consensus on a mandate to launch negotiations on the subject of e-commerce at the Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires represents one of the most important tasks of the Group of Friends of E-Commerce for Development, which the Republic of Moldova has joined as a co-sponsor and active proponent of this initiative at the international level.