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Presentation of investment opportunities of the Republic of Moldova

On 10 March 2017 in Bern, the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to the Swiss Confederation, Mr Tudor ULIANOVSCHI made a presentation on investment opportunities of the Republic of Moldova to a group of Swiss businessmen, at the premises of the Association "Friends of Moldova" headed by Mr. Urs TSCHANZ .

The event was attended by businessmen, presidents of multinational companies in heavy industry, light industry, including textile, retail, IT, etc., interested in establishing partnership relations with our country, including the implementation of investment projects, as well as Swiss entrepreneurs that have already developed a business in central and southern Moldova, presenting their success stories.

Ambassador Tudor Ulianovschi highlighted the simplified registration of companies in Moldova, as well as attractive conditions for foreign businesses, particularly in Free Economic Zones and Industrial Parks. He specified that economic relations between Moldova and Switzerland are protected by the legal framework of existing bilateral agreements providing the avoidance of double taxation, investment protection and protection of commercial activity. Furthermore, it was mentioned that ensuring a favorable and mutually beneficial climate for business is one of the main priorities of the Government.

The Swiss Entrepreneurs addressed several questions concerning the procedures of economic activity, the legal framework for investment protection, the profitability of the sales market, social insurance, etc. At the end of the presentation the Embassy offered a tasting of wines and sparkling wines produced by national companies Cricova, Purcari and Gitana Winery.

This event is a part of a series of activities organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova to the Swiss Confederation in the context of economic diplomacy, with a view to attract Swiss investments in Moldova and to promote national products in Switzerland.