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Christmas and winter holidays celebrated by the Diaspora of the Republic of Moldova in Switzerland

Moldovan Diaspora in Switzerland, with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in the Swiss Confederation, has organized, on the 7th of January 2017, a cultural and artistic event to celebrate, in a traditional atmosphere, the winter holidays and the coming of the New Year 2017.

The celebration took place in the festivities hall „Salle des Fêtes” Carouge in Geneva and has gathered over 300 co-nationals from all over Switzerland. On this occasion, Ambassador Tudor Ulianovschi has delivered a welcome address, where His Excellency has presented a review of main achievements of 2016 in bilateral relations between the Republic of Moldova and Switzerland. His Excellency has also stressed the strategic and symbolic connotations of the events planned for 2017 in the context of the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of Bilateral Relations with Switzerland and the 25th Anniversary of membership of our country in the United Nations Organization.

The event was organized in the national spirit, with traditional dishes and national wines. The ceremony began by honoring the Republic of Moldova’s anthem and continued with Ambassador Ulianovschi’s congratulatory message, in which His Excellency has expressed his strong conviction that such events contribute to the promotion of our traditional values and cultural artistic heritage of the Republic of Moldova, as well as to the strengthening of relations in the diaspora of our country in Switzerland. Guests have enjoyed the music and holiday spirit created by the artistic performance of the famous national singer Cristina Scarlat and the carols performed by Snejana and Leo Rudenco, artists at the National Theatre „Mihai Eminescu”, who have recently become members of our community in Switzerland, as well as the recital offered by Natalia and Sanda Pavalachi.

Children have recited poems, sang carols and received gifts from Santa Claus, who came to Geneva with the help of the Embassy. He offered sweets from “Bucuria” (national brand) and books in Romanian. Members of the diaspora and Swiss guests have participated in the tombola and the luckiest ones have received products from Moldova, which contributed to the promotion of national brands in Switzerland.

Ambassador Tudor Ulianovschi has encouraged citizens of the Republic of Moldova to actively participate at such events and to make sure to pass to the next generation the beauty of our values and national traditions. In his message, His Excellency underlined that it is in the love and smiles of our children, in our hopes for a better and more prosperous future, that lies the true meaning of Christmas. We wish the Diaspora of the Republic of Moldova in Switzerland a happy and prosperous New Year!