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Geneva, 2 September 2015 – The Republic of Moldova’s 25 years of independence celebrated at the United Nations and in the Swiss Confederation

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Moldova, the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Moldova to the UN Office and other international organisations in Geneva, in cooperation with the State Agency for Intellectual Property (AGEPI) organized, on 2 September, a festive event hosted by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). More than 300 guests participated in the event, including, high level officials from the WIPO, WTO, the Inter-parliamentary Union, Ambassadors accredited to the UN and other international organisations and more than 100 representatives of the Moldovan diaspora.

Michael Moller, the UN Office Director General, was the guest of honor of the event. The State Agency for Intellectual Property was represented at the event at the highest level by the Director General Octavian Apostol.

The celebration was inaugurated by HE Tudor Ulianovschi, Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to Switzerland and Permanent Representative to the UN and other international organisations in Geneva. Ambassador Ulianovschi acknowledged the difficulties and challenges that every nation faces during its state building process, pointing out that “the Republic of Moldova must learn from the lessons of the past, avoid errors and capitalize upon its actions to ensure the wellbeing of all its citizens, modernize the country and promote a positive image of Moldova abroad”.

Furthermore, the Ambassador carried out his speech highlighting that Moldova’s highest achievement in 25 years of independence is its generation of young people, of which many are part of the Moldovan diaspora and successfully represent the country working with commitment in international organizations, multinational enterprises, Swiss business and cultural and social activities, while absorbing the democratic and participatory spirit of the Swiss people and sharing that spirit with other Moldovans back home.

The program of celebrations in Geneva focused on the promotion of Moldovan history, culture and products, including the national system of intellectual property. A special place was dedicated to the exhibition of paintings of the students from the Academic Lyceum of Fine Arts “Igor Vieru”, under the high patronage of Royal House of Romania.

The main attraction of the evening was the entertainment program presented by the Moldovan singer Valentin Uzun and the dancers from the Show Ballet Flash, trained by Iurie Bivol, artistic director and Master of Arts.

The main objective of the event was the promotion of Moldovan values and national heritage - the traditional attire, the Moldovan cuisine, the good wine, and the national system of intellectual property, thus reinforcing an attractive image of the Republic of Moldova on the international scene.

The event was organized by the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Moldova to the UN Office and other IO, with the support of AGEPI and the Ministry of Culture.